we´ve got mega news for you!

The party is over, but the season has just started!

Last weekend it was finally time: After our quiet opening in autumn, we were able to celebrate our final opening together with you for two days.

Best weather and music, many beautiful test drives, consultations and sales took place. In addition to the manufacturers, who were on site on Friday to provide supportive advice with their expertise, a representative of Jobbike was also present to answer your questions. A food truck from “The Dukes” provided us with fresh wraps and cool drinks. On Saturday, a mobile coffee car from Coffee-Bike passed by, which conjured up super delicious, freshly brewed coffee specialties.

To the crowning conclusion, a party with DJ took place on Saturday evening, where we could all dance exuberantly.

For the next few weeks there are still some consultation appointments that we were able to arrange during the days and we hope that many more customers will join us.

Now we are looking forward to starting the bike season together with you! Because for us, there is nothing more beautiful than to see the joy on your faces when you ride your e-bikes over our yard and hopefully soon also over stone and stone in our beautiful area.


On 12.+13.04.2024 it is finally time!

At the start of the summer and thus e-bike season, we have decided to celebrate the opening of the e-motion e-Bike World Landshut on our yard once again with all of you.

Our mega plan: In addition to food, drinks, music, test drives, great promotions and bike offers, there will be also Trekking Test Days. And pssst. . . . on Saturday evening we organize a party with DJ, to which all of you are invited.

We are looking forward to talk to you, hoping for the best weather and dancing with you in the evening.


Welcome to our B2B platform: TRADEX.

Auto mega store just launched a B2B trading company for car Dealers.
We are proud to announce the launch of TRADEX., a cutting-edge B2B trading platform, exclusively designed for car dealers. Elevate your business with seamless transactions, extensive inventory, and unparalleled convenience. Join TRADEX. today and revolutionize the way you buy and sell automobiles.

baustelle e-motion

Christmas offer: 24% on a bicycle rack and its installation.

Throughout the Christmas season we give you an unbeatable 24% discount on a bicycle rack and its installation.  

New bike for Christmas? With the help of our offer you can transport it directly to the most beautiful places and make great winter trips.

baustelle e-motion

Christmas giveaways and discount promotions

Throughout the Christmas season we want to make you happy with great giveaways and discount promotions.  Every Advent Sunday a new giveaways goes online on our profiles of e-motion and auto mega store. Be sure to join! 

We also have some great discounts for you. Follow us and stay up to date.


baustelle e-motion

the new era – cupra!

you have to be fast! cupra is super popular right now! 

as soon as we get cars from cupra, they are already gone. 

that's why we work at full speed to get you new cupras again and again. but you have to be quick!

have a look time by time, if new models were delivered...

baustelle e-motion


for the first time we have polestar electric cars. 

the brand has a lot of benefits:

  • long range
  • high-quality, vegan materials
  • intuitive infotainment system
  • modern design 

here you can see all the polestar cars we have in stock. 


baustelle e-motion

our e-motion e-bike world landshut is officially open!

since the 4th of october our doors are now open for every e-bike fan and those who want to become one!

we are happy about each one of you who comes by and are excited about the resonance so far.

we have different brands and models there, of course a large selection of accessories and now in the initialphase great offers that you should not miss!

just have a look in the other news posts...

baustelle e-motion

bianchi e-suv for incredibly low prices!

we have a great opening offer for you!

until 11.11.2023 or while supplies last, you have the opportunity to buy the bianchi e-suv rally or the bianchi e-suv adventure for an unbeatable price.

the bianchi e-suv rally is equipped with everything the adventurous heart desires: full carbon, full kashima equipment, first-class fox components and much more! and it is now available for only 5,555€ instead of 11,249€.

but that's not all! we also have the fantastic bianchi e-suv adventure on offer. and here too you can save a lot, because instead of 7,349€ it costs only 4,999€!

in order not to miss this opportunity, visit our website and findout more about these amazing e-suvs:  https://emotion-technologies.de/landshut/ 

baustelle e-motion

the silent revolution – the bmw i3! an electric car you can only dream of!

the small speedster is the perfect companion for the city, but due to its amazing range also suitable for longer distances.

we have this car of the future in a large number of pieces on the yard – starting from a price of 15.999€! that is unbeatable!

convince yourself and make a test drive with us. all you have to do is pick up the telefon and then come to us. we are waiting for you and are happy to present you the great bmw i3.

baustelle e-motion

for the opening of our e-motion e-bike world landshut we have an offer for you...

because the doors to our e-motion shop will open in september, we would like to help you transport your new e-bike safely with your car.

for this we give you 25% on the installation of a bicycle carrier, no matter if roof rack or trailer hitch.

make an appointment with us in the workshop and we will find the best solution for your car.

baustelle e-motion

good service is a matter of course for us and we want to prove that right from the start...

for the opening of our e-motion e-bike world, we would like to accommodate you with regard to the servicecosts.

instead of 119€ you pay only 59€ for the service of your e-bike.

gladly you can also come by with your normal bicycle. Here you pay only 39€ instead of 79€ and you can try one of our e-bikes while you are waiting for your bike.

please call us to arrange an appointment in our workshop.

baustelle e-motion

this is where the e-motion e-bike world landshut is getting created. we are looking forward to september, when it finally starts...

every day is building site-day on our yard, so that it can finally start in september. e-bikes are delivered everyday. our new employee is building bikes day by day.

we are all super excited how the store will look at the end and looking forward to seeing progress every day.

do you want to find out which brands we will offer? then take a look at our official website...

baustelle e-motion

may we introduce our newest team member? - the auto mega transport

due to the corona crisis and the war in the Ukraine last year, a lot has changed for us and with us for all car dealers. in addition to some other problems, we have noticed above all that a large number of truck drivers, who came more and more from eastern europe, are not longer available. auto deliveries have become a real challenge.
we now want to counteract this and have therefore decided to take over the delivery of our cars ourselves. we will do this all over europe. our trapo can fit up to 10 cars, which we can deliver to other dealers in europe at the fastest possible time through our independent organization.
because as always, we want everything at auto mega store mega easy, mega fast and mega professional.

mega trapo

new e-bikes

every day new e-bikes arrive at our yard and the reopening of our e-motion shop is getting closer and closer.

today a cargo bike arrived, which of course we had to unpack and assemble immediately. it is really practical and also looks great.

we're thrilled, are you too?



big financing promotion!

we have the fiat 500c and the smart fortwo at top rates for you!

fiat 500c 1.0 gse hybrid dolcevita
monthly instalment: 144€

term: 60 month, first instalment: 97€, follow-up rate: 144€, annual percentage rate: 5,99%, balloon rate: 10.199,40€, deposit: 5.000€, price: from 16.999€
to the fiats...

smart fortwo eq passion coupe
monthly instalment: 99€

term: 60 month, first instalment: 59,53€, follow-up rate: 99€, annual percentage rate: 5,99%, balloon rate: 7.649,40€, deposit: 4.650€, price: from 12.749€
to the smarts...

the net loan amount is incl. a co-financed rsv plus, santander autocare, safe plus and mobility plus insurance premium.



the first e-bike is sold

we are proud to have our very first happy customer with a new bike. 

soon we will have our own e-bike store with e-motion and we are very excited about that. stay tuned and be part of our new project. 
are you searching for an e-bike? we would be happy to be there for you, also before our official opening. 

give us a call...


the ferrari 812 superfast

more and more luxury cars move in with us!

we have a new jewel on the yard - the strongest ferrari ever built in series.  come and have a look at the ferrari 812 superfast.

to the ferrari...


vehicle and bike preparation wanted!

you love vehicles as much as we do? then apply now!

we are looking for someone who takes care of our newcomers with care and dedication. It is particularly important that you have a high quality standard in your work, because we have that too.

we are looking forward to your application!


brand new on our yard: the dodge ram 

he just moved in with us for the first time in the auto mega store history!

the american pick-up is an indispensable part of the american roads. but also for the german streets he's doing pretty well - don't you think?

have a look at the available models online and make an appointment for a test drive.


b2b-salesperson wanted!

we are looking for a new member to join our team.

you are communicative, good with numbers and have negotiation skills?
then you are just right with us! we are looking for you!

join our team and be responsable for the b2b-area.

apply now


financing - mega simple!

did you know that you can easily finance your new vehicle online?

financing is very easy with us, with the help of our partner santander and the possibility to handle everything digitally from the calculation to the signature.

choose your dream car now and see how much it would cost you.
OR VICE VERSA: tell us what you have available each month and we will tell you what kind of vehicle you can get.

you will of course receive further information from your personal sales advisor.


unbeatable trade-in bonus 

we offer you a trade-in bonus up to 2000€ on selected promotional vehicles. 

you would like to buy a young used car with us and return your current used car? For selected action vehicles there is now up to 2000€ trade-in bonus. your sales person will be happy to inform you about the bonus you get when you buy a vehicle from us.

you will of course receive further information from your personal sales advisor.


landshut is running - and of course we are too! 

our boys ran this week at "landshut runs" and had a lot of fun.    

achieving goals together - that is and stays our motivation. and our boys have done it again.
while andre managed his 10km under 60 minutes, philipp and peter (a friend of the house) reached the finish line after 5km. 

we are proud of you! simply mega!


many many black smarties!

is there anything more practical than a smart in the city? 
in the truest sense of the word you can park back and forth...

and if this smart also drives electrically, it is in our opinion the best city-car you can imagine. 

do you want to take a look?


the maserati levante: a new jewel on our yard!

a dream in grey metallic. the maserati levante - it is just "mega". 

we fell in love at first sight. 

take a look on the dream car...



we are looking for you for our service team!

our co-worker andre sale wants a colleague who is really into it.
So? Are you into it?

the job is a varied mix of work at the desk and in the fresh air. we need someone who's got gas in his blood and who wants to help us wherever help is needed.

it would be optimal if you can handle a camera and can help our dear andre to photograph the newly arriving vehicles.

we are looking forward to your application...


ready for the summer? ready for a fiat 500c?

you are looking for the perfect summer car?

then we would know no better than the fiat 500c.
the italian vehicle with cabrio-roof gives us immediately summer vibes...


we are looking for you for the opening of the e-motion e-bike world in landshut

among other things, we are urgently looking for two-wheeled mechatronics and e-bike salespeople.

we are looking forward to your application...



pssst...we'll tell you a secret!
did you know we'll have e-bikes on the yard soon?
e-motion moves in with us!

by the way, we are still looking for support. mechanics, salespeople and much more.
feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming part of the brand new team...


jeep renegade 

we offer you a germany-wide best price guarantee on all jeep renegade models!

everyone can claim to have the best price, but we also mean that. with our jeep renegade month we guarantee you the best price in germany. at the moment this means that you get the renegade from 22.449€.

we have over 40 cars of the models 1.0 limited, 1.3 night eagle and 1.3 80th anniversary on site.

come by and choose your jeep or search our inventory!

seat arona 

we say yes to natural gas cars! that's why we offer you the seat arona tgi at an unbeatable price starting at 12,999€. 

everything is becoming more expensive, resources are becoming scarce, and people are thinking about alternatives. 
with e-cars, we have already found a way to get from a to b in a more environmentally friendly way, yet quickly. but have you ever looked at the advantages of a natural gas car? 
we have done the math and are amazed and thrilled with the result. 
the far shorter range of e-cars is often criticized. this point is clearly won by natural gas cars. the seat arona tgi has a total range of 480km. 
and now for the savings factor: the seat arona can fill up with 13.8kg of natural gas, which would currently mean about 16€. to fill his additional 9l gasoline tank, the same money would be added again. for a range of 480km you would pay about 32€ for the seat arona tgi. 
to fill up a petrol engine with a tank of 40l, you currently pay about 74€. 
so we have a savings of about 50%, which we think is really huge. 

zin addition to the cheaper fuel, there are lower taxes for the car, reduced rates for many car insurances, possible subsidies from municipalities for the purchase and, in the end, even a better environmental balance. 

feel free to come by and check out the seat arona tgi at our yard or search our inventory

we have something very special for you at our yard: the porsche gt 3

but unfortunately you were a little too slow...

porsche gt 3

new year, new chances!

we take this slogan literally this year and start again - at least our website.
we hope you like the new design and it is now clearer and better structured.
we want to be honest with you: the energy crisis, the covid crisis, the war, global warming...these are issues that do not pass us by without a trace. the whole world holds its breath and so do we in business.
there are delivery problems and delays in the car production. it's harder to get to cars and it's even harder to sell them.
yes, it is, and it shouldn't be a secret.
nevertheless, we are going into the next year motivated and want to continue to be there for you and offer you the best possible service.
for us, this also includes delivering all the news directly to your home, without you having to visit our yard. therefore follow us on instagram or facebook and see in real time when new cars arriving.
and now we, the auto mega store family, wish you a happy new year. make the best out of it and try to keep the new intentions at least the first weeks ;) />

happy new year

mega products

did you know that we now have so many mega products?
of course, you can come by anytime and buy some, but there are other ways you can get them.
our umbrellas, for example, are always available for you in our mega sale box, so you stay dry on our yard. of course you can take the umbrella with you afterwards.
in addition, you will get products of your choice when buying from us.
if you have already visited us online or on site, we would be very happy about a google rating from you.
if you have submitted these, you will get a package of three mega products of your choice from us. just shows the evaluation and you can take the things home with you.
we hope that we can make you happy with the products!

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