you want to use less fuel, protect the environment and save cash when refueling? chiptuning is the solution!
tuning is no longer pure performance enhancement for more fun during driving.

Here you can mega easily find out what we can optimize on your vehicle in our company.

basically you can distinguish two different types of tuning, which we like to explain to you in the following:


during eco-tuning, the engine control is adapted with the aim of reducing consumption. via chiptuning, the engine electronics are modified so that the performance characteristics are changed - this leads to lower fuel consumption. depending on the driving style, eco-tuning can achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
injection volume, pressure, timing and all sensors necessary for the combustion cycle are continuously optimized. this results in an increase in power, at a not increased speed, but at an increased torque. so you have the opportunity to shift earlier with your vehicle and move with a higher gear.

engine tuning

basically, a "software optimization" means a change in the consumption characteristics. with a professional adaptation of the motor control, the durability and service life of the motor and drive approximately correspond to the standard values. however, this is based on the assumption that the extra power is used to a limited extent. because any higher load on the engine inevitably leads to higher wear.
especially with modern turbodiesel engines noticeable increases in performance are possible. this is partly due to the fact that the limits of power are mechanical rather than gas-dynamic, as in the case of the normal engine. In other words, the performance of almost every turbodiesel engine can be significantly increased, but this always happens at the expense of the service life.

this is how we perform the software optimization:

the optimization is read from the original data from your car (engine control unit) and individually optimized. the original data is stored with us. according to your needs, the performance adjustment is made. we do not use ready-made optimizations from the internet. if a new car model of a brand is offered by us for optimization, it is first tested on our in-house, tüv-tested performance test bench.



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